U.S. Senator attacks NHL for ‘ongoing indifference’ toward player brain injuries

August 15, 2016

A senior U.S. senator has condemned the NHL for showing “an ongoing indifference and disregard” for scientific evidence linking repeated brain injuries to chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, a brain-withering disease linked to Alzheimer’s.

“The NHL insists that player safety is sacrosanct – a ‘top priority’ for the league – and recognizes the many dangers of concussions and head impacts,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal wrote in an Aug. 15 letter to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. “But the league appears unwilling to consider even the possibility that concussions cause CTE.”

“Why does the NHL so readily and quickly discount or dismiss warning signs of a link between hockey and CTE?” Blumenthal continued. “Even a cursory analysis of several medical journals should sound an alarm.”

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