Former NHL Enforcer Says The League Is 'In Denial' On Concussions

December 1, 2015
Huffington post

More than 15 years after Rudy Poeschek played his 364th and final game in the NHL, and a dozen years since he gave up on the minor leagues and retired for good, the blackouts are among his most vivid memories of the game he loved.

They came quick. One minute he'd be fighting an opponent, the next he’d catch a clenched fist to the jaw or the side of his head. And then the lights would go out.

When they would come back on seconds later, he’d still be fighting. He’d go to the penalty box, clear his head and go back out on the ice. A few times, Poeschek asked a trainer if he should worry about the times he couldn’t see, but they’d tell him he was fine. After a particularly jarring incident, he finally asked one of his team’s doctors about the effects those blackouts might have on his brain.

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