Former players, CTV's W5 petition court to unseal secret NHL emails

November 30, 2015

When Pittsburgh Penguins forward Matt Cooke effectively ended the career of Boston Bruins centre Marc Savard with a crushing blindside hit to the head, the blow sent shudders through the hockey world.

It also sent Colin Campbell, then the NHL's senior vice-president of operations, to his computer, where he exchanged emails about the incident with Mike Milbury, a former NHL player, coach and general manager turned TV analyst.

Milbury asked Campbell, "Is intent to injure a stand alone call?"

As part of his reply, sent six days after the incident in a March 13, 2010, email, Campbell wrote: "Let's face it Mike... we sell rivalries, we sell and promote hate..." 

Campbell's charged answer is part of the public record in U.S. federal court in Minnesota as the result of a legal action launched by a group of more than 100 former NHL players, including Joe Murphy, Bernie Nicholls and Gary Leeman.

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