KSTP-TV: Fighting Back: Former Players Battle NHL

The National Hockey League has refused to ban fighting despite private fears by its executives that a player may die as a result of a fight on the ice, according to documents contained in a federal lawsuit filed in St. Paul against the league.

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NFL acknowledges link between
football, brain disease

The NFL's top health and safety officer acknowledged Monday there is a link between football-related head trauma and chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE -- the first time a senior league official has conceded football's connection to the devastating brain disease.

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Bernie Nicholls: Concussion lawsuit is 'for the guys beside me'

Since retiring in 1999 with 475 career goals, longtime NHL center Bernie Nicholls has never strayed far from the sport he loves. Whether as a participant at numerous hockey events or as a member of the Los Angeles Kings' coaching staff during L.A.'s 2012 Stanley Cup title run, he has always stayed close to the game. That passion extends to his involvement with All Sports Market, an online sports stock market that allows users to buy, sell and trade shares in their favorite sports teams.

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Statement from Plaintiffs' Co-Counsel Concerning Retaliation

NHL Concussion Lawsuit

Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP, Silverman Thompson Slutkin White LLC, and Zimmerman Reed, PLLP, have been appointed Plaintiffs' Co-Lead Counsel in In re National Hockey League Players' Concussion Injury Litigation, a consolidated class action lawsuit brought on behalf of several former NHL players, alleging that the NHL engaged in a decades-long plan to conceal from the players the risks of concussions and developing serious brain diseases from playing hockey in the NHL.

NHL Concussion Lawsuit

The lawsuit alleges that the NHL was motivated to conceal these risks in order to glorify violence in the sport and generate billions of dollars in revenues, often using extreme violence as a commodity in the sale and promotion of the League.  As a direct consequence of the NHL’s misconduct, thousands of former NHL players have suffered and continue to suffer from serious and often debilitating health problems.

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